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Thursday, 07.02.2019

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08.15 Registration (Lichthof)
08.40 Welcome (Y24-G-45)
08.45 Plenary lecture (Y24-G-45):
Genomic consequences of plant mating system variation
Tanja Slotte
Stockholm University
  Adaptation I (Y24-G-45) Behavioural Ecology I (Y24-G-55)
09:30 S01.1: Genetic adaptation and vulnerability to climate change of an Alpine tree species with a long generation time

Benjamin Dauphin*, Christian Rellstab, Stefan Zoller, Dirk Karger, Sabine Brodbeck, and Felix Gugerli

S02.1: Shifts in the biological market predict cleaner fish strategic sophistication

Zegni Triki*

*University of Neuchatel
09:45 S01.2: Restoring ancestral phenotypes by reduction of plasticity is a general pattern in gene expression during adaptation to different stressors in Tribolium castaneum

Eva Koch*, Frédéric Guillaume

*University of Zurich
S02.2: Social learning modulates cooperative behavior and client choice in young cleaner wrasses

Noa Truskanov*, Yasmin Emery, Redouan Bshary

*University of Neuchatel
10:00 S01.3: Limits of thermal adaptation in a cold-adapted bacterium

Macarena Toll Riera*, Macarena Toll-Riera, Miriam Olombrada, Andreas Wagner

*University of Zurich
S02.3: Sensory mechanisms of social information transfer between parents and offspring in a cooperatively breeding cichlid

Mukta Watve*, Barbara Taborsky

*University of Bern
10:15 S01.4: Temperature adaptation in the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila

Vanessa Weber de Melo*, Robert Lowe, Paul Hurd, Owen Petchey

*University of Zurich
S02.4: Helpers invest in territory defence and protection of young depending on need in the cooperatively breeding cichlid Neolamprologus savoryi

Annika Freudiger*, Dario Josi, Michael Taborsky, Joachim G. Frommen

*University of Bern
10.30 Coffee break (Lichthof)
  Adaptation II (Y24-G-45) Behavioural Ecology II (Y24-G-55)
11:00 S03.1: Aspects of the evolution of tooth eruption patterns in wild and domestic mammals

Madeleine Geiger*, Robert Asher

*University of Zurich
S04.1: Where the parasite goes, the host follows: Experimental evolution of parasitic host manipulation

Nina Hafer-Hahmann*

11:15 S03.2: Adaptation and demographic rescue during range expansions

Felix Moerman*, Andreas Wagner, Emanuel A. Fronhofer, Florian Altermatt

*University of Zurich
S04.2: Long-term movements and home range changes: rapid territory shifts in meerkats

Bart Kranstauber*, Gabriella E.C. Gall, Tim Vink, Tim Clutton-Brock, Marta B. Manser

*University of Zurich
11:30 S03.3: The community context of trait evolution in arctic lakes

Marvin Moosmann*, Jakob Brodersen, Ole Seehausen, Blake Matthews

S04.3: Density-dependent survival selection on exploration behaviour across multiple great tit populations

Alexia Mouchet*, Niels Dingemanse

*Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
11:45 S03.4: Social genes are selection hotspots in kin groups of a soil microbe

Sébastien Wielgoss*

*ETH Zurich
S04.4: Automated-tracking study of disease susceptibility in ant social networks

Giacomo Alciatore*, Ulrich Yuko

*University of Lausanne
12:00 S03.5: Corticosterone - a potential key mediator of adaptive divergence in Rana arvalis tadpoles

Jelena Mausbach*, Nicholas Scaramella, Anssi Laurila, Katja Räsänen

S04.5: A modular system for studying reciprocal exchange, with an example from social cichlids

Jan Naef*, Océane La Loggia, Michael Taborsky

*University of Bern
12:15 S03.6: Ecological evidence for altitudinal adaptation in an alpine carnation

Aksel Pålsson*, Ursina Walther, Simone Fior, Alex Widmer

*ETH Zurich
S04.6: Group size positively affects the hunting success in a cooperatively hunting fish during lab experiments

Marc Steinegger*, Hanaa Sarhan, Redouan Bshary

*University of Neuchatel
12:30 Lunch break
Annual Assembly of the Swiss Zoological Society (Y24-G-55)
13.45 Plenary lecture (Y24-G-45):
Capturing elephants from the wild: long-term consequences on survival and reproductive success
Virpi Lummaa
University of Turku
  Population & Evolutionary Genetics I (Y24-G-45) Ecology I (Y24-G-55)
14:30 S05.1: High-resolution recombination mapping of sex chromosome-autosome fusions in the Japan Sea and blackspotted stickleback

Matthew Josephson*, Catherine Peichel

*University of Bern
S06.1: Food for everyone: seasonal niche partitioning in three cryptic bat species

Tommy Andriollo*, Johan R. Michaux, Manuel Ruedi

*University of Geneva
14:45 S05.2: Long-term balancing selection for pathogen resistance maintains trans-species polymorphisms in Daphnia

Luca Cornetti*, Peter Fields, Dieter Ebert

*University of Basel
S06.2: Genetic diversity is linked to epidemic severity in a wild pathogen metapopulation

Jenalle Eck*, Benoit Barrès, Samuel Soubeyrand, Anna-Liisa Laine

*University of Zurich
15:00 S05.3: Towards the understanding of adaptation and speciation in the Swiss Alpine whitefish radiation

Rishi De-Kayne*, Ole Seehausen, Philine Feulner

*University of Bern
S06.3: Artificial light at night disrupts flower visitor interactions beyond the illuminated area

Simone Giavi*, Eva Knop

*University of Bern
15:15 S05.4: Re-occurrence, common ancestry and novelty: Sex chromosome evolution in Lake Tanganyika cichlid fishes

Athimed El Taher*, Fabrizia Ronco, Michael Matschiner, Nicolas Boileau, Walter Salzburger, Astrid Böhne

*University of Basel
S06.4: Global quantitative synthesis of ecosystem functioning across climatic zones and ecosystem types

Isabelle Gounand*, Chelsea J. Little, Eric Harvey, Florian Altermatt

*University of Zurich
15:30 S05.5: Dynamics of parasite resistance in a wild population of Daphnia magna

Camille Ameline*, Yann Bourgeois, Dieter Ebert

*University of Basel
S06.5: The contribution of species networks to global biodiversity

Gianalberto Losapio*, Schöb, Staniczenko, Carrara, Palamara, De Moraes, Mescher, Bascompte

*ETH Zurich
15.45 Coffee break (Lichthof)
  Population & Evolutionary Genetics II (Y24-G-45) Ecology II (Y24-G-55)
16:15 S07.1: Impact of intra-specific TE variations on local epigenetic states and gene expression

Michele Wyler*

*University of Zurich
S08.1: The evolution of dormancy and phenology in variable environments

Hanna Ten Brink*, Jennifer Gremer, Hanna Kokko

*University of Zurich
16:30 S07.2: Genetic basis of a key trait for sympatric speciation in cichlids

Anna Fiona Feller*, Ole Seehausen

*University of Bern
S08.2: On the way to the top: What drives species distribution and adaptation along elevational gradients?

Theofania-Sotiria Patsiou*, Nora Hohmann, Yvonne Willi

*University of Basel
16:45 S07.3: Hybrid origin of the narrow endemic Pulmonaria helvetica

Sandra Gruenig*, Markus Fischer, Christian Parisod

*University of Bern
S08.3: Diet preferences of the Alpine mountain hare (Lepus timidus varronis) and the influence of plant identification level and landscape plant diversity on their detectability

Stéphanie Schai-Braun*, Katharina Lapin, Karl-Georg Bernhardt, Klaus Hackländer

*BOKU, Vienna
17:00 S07.4: Genomic dissection of Orkney voles: Neolithic food and ancient evolutionary experiment

Xuejing Wang*, Gerald Heckel

*University of Bern
S08.4: Demographic consequences of changing seasonality

Eva Conquet*, Arpat Ozgul, Maria Paniw

*University of Zurich
17.15 Poster session with wine reception (Lichthof)
19:00 Darwin dinner (Mensa)
20.00 Darwin talk
Barbara König
University of Zurich
20:45 Darwin dinner continued (Mensa)
21:30 Darwin party (Theatersaal Y21-F-65A)