Detailed programme

Friday, 08.02.2019

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08.15 Registration (Lichthof)
08.40 Announcements (Y24-G-45)
08.45 Plenary lecture (Y24-G-45):
Understanding adaptive radiation and explosive diversification through cichlid fish genomics
Walter Salzburger
University of Basel
  Speciation & Diversification I (Y24-G-45) Life history (Y24-G-55)
09:30 S09.1: Combinatorial speciation: re-assembly of old variants into novel combinations facilitated adaptive radiations of stickleback and cichlids

David Marques*, Ole Seehausen

*University of Bern & Eawag
S10.1: Body size evolution under cancer risk

E. Yagmur Erten*, Hanna Kokko

*University of Zurich
09:45 S09.2: A race against the extinction of Capurodendron trees in Madagascar: from phylogenomic diversity to conservation

Carlos Galan Boluda*, Camille Christe, Laurent Gautier, Yamama Naciri

*University of Geneva
S10.2: Does extrinsic mortality affect the evolution of aging?

Matthias Galipaud*, Hanna Kokko

*University of Zurich
10:00 S09.3: Polyploidy and floral diversification in the nursery pollinated Lithophragma bolanderi (Saxifragaceae)

Karin Gross*, Malin Undin, Victoria Luizzi, John N. Thompson, Magne Friberg

*Lund University, Sweden
S10.3: Non-genetical inheritance of early-life effects on social behaviour

Diogo Antunes*, Barbara Taborsky

*University of Bern
10:15 S09.4: Biogeographic history of tits and chickadees

Thomas Tietze*, Ulf S. Johansson

*Natural History Museum Basel
S10.4: Transcriptional correlates underlying the trade-off between reproduction and somatic maintenance

Marisa Rodrigues*, Thomas Flatt

*University of Fribourg
10.30 Coffee break (Lichthof)
  Systematics & Macroevolution (Y24-G-45) Conservation (Y24-G-55)
11:00 S11.1: Cetacean fossils from the Upper Marine Molasse of Switzerland

Gabriel Aguirre*, Jürg Jost, Sarah Hilfiker, Marcelo R Sánchez-Villagra

*University of Zurich
S12.1: Integration of anchored phylogenomics and coalescent-based species delimitation in taxonomically challenging Dalbergia precious woods

Simon Crameri*, Stefan Zoller, Peter B. Phillipson, Porter Prescott Lowry II, Alex Widmer

*ETH Zurich
11:15 S11.2: Frequent convergent evolution of hypodermic mating in a flatworm genus revealed by phylogenomics

Jeremias Brand*, Gudrun Viktorin, Christian Beisel, Lukas Schärer

*University of Basel
S12.2: Investigating the fine scale breeding habitat use of endangered newt species using environmental DNA

Julie Guenat*

*University of Lausanne
11:30 S11.3: The importance of fossil data in inferring the macroevolutionary history of plants

Mario Coiro*

*University of Zurich
S12.3: Breeding ecology of the White-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis) in the Swiss Alps. Implications for conservation

Julia Besimo*

*University of Bern
11:45 S11.4: The Succulent Biome forms a trans-continental evolutionary arena for drought-adapted plant lineages

Jens Ringelberg*, Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Andrea Weeks, Colin E. Hughes

*University of Zurich
S12.4: Effects of grassland intensification on Orthopterans in Scops owl (Otus scops) habitats

Noëlle Klein*, Coralie Theux, Sophie Rüfenacht, Jean-Nicolas Pradervand, Raphaël Arlettaz, Alain Jacot

*University of Bern
12:00 S11.5: New Pleistocene Camelidae from Argentina: exceptional fossil skull challenges current phylogenies of this group

Ana Balcarcel*, Sinead Lynch, Marcelo R. Sánchez Villagra

*University of Zurich
S12.5: Assessing different components of biodiversity across a river network using environmental DNA

Elvira Mächler*, Chelsea J. Little, Remo Wüthrich, Roman Alther, Emanuel A. Fronhofer, Isabelle Gounand, Eric Harvey, Samuel Hürlemann, Jean-Claude Walser, Florian Altermatt

12:15 S11.6: Different ways to make red: Floral colour evolution in the New World Gesneriaceae

Ezgi Ogutcen*, Karine Durand, Gaétan Glauser, Nicolas Salamin, Mathieu Perret

*University of Geneva
S12.6: Species identity, not functional trait dissimilarity, drives productivity in experimental grasslands

Clemens Kleinspehn*, Markus Fischer

*University of Bern
12:30 Lunch break
13.45 Plenary lecture (Y24-G-45):
Shedding light on environmentally transmitted parasites: within-lake light conditions affect parasite dynamics
Megan Duffy
University of Michigan
  Speciation & Diversification II (Y24-G-45) Evolutionary & Ecological Theory (Y24-G-55)
14:30 S13.1: Coevolution of male and female mate choice can destabilize reproductive isolation

Thomas Aubier*, Hanna Kokko, Mathieu Joron

*University of Zurich
S14.1: Life history strategies face a trade-off between robustness to environmental fluctuations and speed of evolution

Max Schmid*, Frédéric Guillaume

*University of Zurich
14:45 S13.2: Climate-driven convergent evolution of plumage colour in a cosmopolitan bird

Andrea Romano*, Robin Séchaud, Alexandre H. Hirzel, Alexandre Roulin

*University of Lausanne
S14.2: The intrinsic predictability of ecological time series and its potential to guide forecasting

Frank Pennekamp*, Alison C. Iles, Joshua Garland, Georgina Brennan, Ulrich Brose, Ursula Gaedke, Ute Jacob, Pavel Kratina, Blake Matthews, Stephan Munch, Mark Novak, Gian Marco Palamara, Björn Rall, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Andrea Tabi, Colette Ward, Richard Williams, Hao Ye, Owen Petchey

*University of Zurich
15:00 S13.3: Early differentiation along environmental axes in the adaptive radiation of Lake Tanganyika cichlid fishes

Lukas Widmer*, Walter Salzburger

*University of Basel
S14.3: Pleiotropy, cooperation, and the social evolution of genetic architecture

Miguel Dos Santos*, Melanie Ghoul, Stu West

*University of Bern
15:15 S13.4: Exploring speciation history through the joint inference of selection and gene flow

Simon Aeschbacher*, Konrad Lohse

*University of Zurich
S14.4: Patterns of sex allocation plasticity in Macrostomum flatworms

Pragya Singh*, Nikolas Vellnow, Lukas Schärer

*University of Basel
15:30 S13.5: Disentangling structural genomic and behavioral barriers in a sea of connectivity

Julia M.I. Barth*, David Villegas-Ríos, Carla Freitas, Even Moland, Bastiaan Star, Carl André, Halvor Knutsen, Ian Bradbury, Jan Dierking, Christoph Petereit, David Righton, Julian Metcalfe, Kjetill S. Jakobsen, Esben M. Olsen, Sissel Jentoft

*University of Oslo & University of Basel
S14.5: Abundance and trait-based signals of population collapse

Gaurav Baruah*, Christopher F. Clements, Arpat Ozgul

*University of Zurich
15.45 Coffee break (Lichthof)
16.15 Closing ceremony and prizes (Y24-G-45)